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Small Business Directory is UK’s leading business directory for small businesses.

SEO Friendly Business Directory

Small Business Directory is hosted on Class C Dedicated IP address thus making it one of the most SEO friendly business directory in the UK.

All of search engines give high importance to a link from Class C Dedicated IP address which helps you to achieve Top 10 Ranking.

Following are some of the SEO Friendly features:

1) Title and Metatags: Option to define your own title, metatags; keywords and description, and URL.

2) Business Description: You can optimize the description in your own words, we don’t impose any restrictions on the description.

3) Portfolio/Products/Services: You can add portfolio/products/services.

4) Product/portfolio images: You can add products/services/portfolio images.

5) Google Map: Google map is added to your business listing making it easier for clients to find your business address.

6) Reviews: Visitors can write reviews/feedback which will help you to get better exposure.

7) Deep links: We also offer, at extra cost, deep links. Deep links help you to get higher ranking on search results for the sub pages of your website.

Social Media Promotion

Our business directory is programmed to notify/send updates/ping on facebook, twitter and other social media automatically whenever a new listing is made live.


In order to submit you must create account first. Account creation is free.

Listings Types

We offer following listing types

1) Basic Listing

This is standard listing type. The cost for basic listing is just £99.99/annum.

2) Featured Listing

In featured listing your business would be listed in the Featured Business section of the home page. Feature listing helps you to get more visibility and also helps your website to get higher ranking in search engines.

Cost of featured listing is just £49/annum in addition to Basic Listing’s Cost.

Deep Links

You can get up to 3 deep links for £9.99/annum with this subscription option.


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