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Express Solutions UK IT Services provide an expertise on following grounds:

~ Install and Config
~ Project Management/Project Services
~ PC Management
~ Web design
~ Infrastructure Operations and Response
~ Technical Resourcing
~ IT Recruitment
~ IT Consultancy
~ Home Support
~ Remote and On-Site Support.

Express Solutions UK IT Services Ltd. Provides hardware and software for small/medium business as well as home users, featuring well known brands, e.g. Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Microsoft and many more.

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360 Manor Lane, Manor Park S2 1UN

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0800 612 4891





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One Response to “Express Solutions UK IT Services Ltd. Sheffield”

  1. Omid says:

    I’m writing to you to express how absolutely impressed I was with Express Solutions. I’ve texted a word CALLBACK to the number I found on their website and the engineer called me back in minutes to discuss my problem. As he said the advice is free and there’s no call out fee, I asked him if he can visit me at home. He turned up the same day and found a faulty PSU within minutes. Then he sat with his laptop and ordered a replacement PSU which was delivered to my door the very next day. A few minutes later received a phone call from Express Solutions to confirm if it’s ok for them to come back and fit the new part. I was well happy as my problem has been resolved in less than 24 hours. And the best thing, they were a lot cheaper than the other companies I dealt with. Now, the bottom line. I’ve found Express Solutions UK IT Services extremely helpful, professional and happy to take an extra mile and for me it’s exactly what I require. I’d recommend to every one and would definitely do business again.

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