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Heidi Mottram worked in the world of art, fashion and textiles for several years before establishing her own line in 2007. A graduate from London College of Fashion and Central St Martin’s, Heidi started her career working with many major international designers including Vivienne Westwood and Matthew Williamson.

Heidi is a specialist in eel skin as a textile and is considered the UK guru in the use of the product in design and fashion. She has discovered new ways to work with and manipulate the skins, including pleating, ruching, pin tucking and folding to create new textures and shapes.

Heidi has created outstanding works of art that have been sold in galleries across the UK, as well as developing a collection of corsets and eel skin designs for bags, purses and wallets. She continues to develop the use of eel skin, working on commissions and projects in the art, design and fashion fields and is always looking for new arenas for her creative talents.

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Heidi Mottram Ltd, Leyton London E10 5NY

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9am - 5 pm







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