Small Business Directory UK - SEO friendly Business Directory, Get Listed, Get Noticed, Get Top Ranking on Google and other Search Engines. is a new and unique video on demand (VOD) site. We are the online distribution arm of Future Film Group, the independent film-production and film-financing company behind such acclaimed films as Bend It Like Beckham, 50 Dead Men Walking and Cracks. Having realised that not enough independent movies are easily available online legally, we set up Projector to offer an unprecedented variety of content – including independent films, short films, world cinema, international documentaries, and international television programming.

On you can watch movies online, watch free trailer of the latest films and you can even rent DVDs.  We offer content that appeals to everyone, from European arthouse films to the best of British documentary making. We are dedicated to acquiring and offering the best films, especially those that are hard or impossible to find on other VOD sites – for example we are the first (and as yet only) site to offer Nick Broomfield’s award-winning catalogue of documentaries.

Within the next year the Projector team is aiming to be the UK’s foremost platform for international cultural entertainment, which we will achieve by offering a broad range of audio-visual content on top of our award-winning films and television shows. This content will include video art and live performances such as music concerts, operas, dance shows, and plays.

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