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Lanzillotta Translations provides language-related solutions throughout the world – with comprehensive services in the areas of translation, multilingual desktop publishing (DTP), localisation and international media monitoring.

Over the course of more than 30 successful years in business, Lanzillotta Translations has acquired a wealth of expertise. The company knows the needs of its clients, who come from many different industries, and handles their projects professionally and precisely in line with their requirements.

Lanzillotta Translations takes pride in providing an extremely high standard of quality of all the services it offers. All translations are done to meet national standards by native speakers who live in the countries for which the translations are destined. Lanzillotta Translations works with over 1,700 freelance personnel in all areas of specialism, in more than 50 countries. The specialist translators and proofreaders have the best qualifications and years of professional experience in their given areas, as well as the necessary linguistic expertise.

Lanzillotta Translations specialises in processing complete projects in the sense of a “One-Stop-Shop” approach. With the head office in Düsseldorf and its own branches in London and Miami and selected partner offices all over the world, Lanzillotta Translations is able to offer translations in all languages and in all combinations. Together with Lanzillotta Translations, you can achieve any multilingual solution you want.

For each project, the clients are assigned their own personal project manager at Lanzillotta Translations to look after them throughout the entire duration of the project.

Lanzillotta Translations excels in flexible and efficient solutions.

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St John's House, 54 St John's Square London EC1V 4JL

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Monday to Friday 9:00-17:00







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